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About Ms. Mallory Dixon

Family Medicine in Memphis, TN and Holly Springs, MS

Mallory Dixon, NP

About Ms. Mallory Dixon

A Honeycomb Medical Group provider, Mallory Dixon, DNP, is a compassionate Nurse Practitioner Specialist providing internal medicine services to residents in Memphis, Tennessee. She offers care and support for a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions. 

In 2018, Dr. Dixon graduated with honors from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center. She has over three years of diverse experience in the medical field as a nurse practitioner, during which she has gained valuable skills in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as pneumonia, chronic fatigue, and asthma. Dr. Dixon is also skilled in preventive care and works closely with her patients to ensure they stay on top of their health. 

Dr. Dixon sees patients at MIG - PennMarc Internal Medicine . Additionally, she cooperates with many other doctors and specialists in many medical groups throughout Memphis. Dr. Dixon is accepting new patients and looks forward to providing quality primary care.